Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fan art!?

Wolverine as a MEWtant! My roommates helped me come up with the idea after I was talking about drawing the x-men as cats. I'm trying to think up some ideas for fan expo (which is quickly approaching o__o), and while I don't think I'll use this picture in particular, expect to see more adorable x-cats.

Also, Harry Potter. I am seeing the last movie on Wednesday. I will most likely be drawing so much Harry Potter. I love you Harry Potter.

Also, I am going to try to update this thing everyday for awhile. I will do it until I stop, and I'll ether be really happy with myself, or really disappointed. Let's hope for happy!!


  1. Kitty Wolverine: I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best is receive tummy rubs.

  2. Logan as a kitty... magnificent!

    P.S. One of Jacob's minions here :)